6 Things To Do To Be Successful Blogger

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6 Things To Do To Be Successful Blogger

Blogging has become one of the best means of earning livelihood for a lot of people worldwide. It is one of the great ways to earn money online. You might be thinking it is just my opinion but let me share with you statistics from Google Keyword Tool. It is recorded that the term ‘blogging’ has more than 1,000,000 searches worldwide on Google itself. The term ‘blog’ has a whopping 151,000,000 searches monthly on Google search engine. Do you believe that blogging can actually make you earn money? It is a big-time to start if you are not in blogging?

How to start Blogging.

Follow the following steps if you desire to be a successful blogger.

1. Start blogging on the right track

The first step is always a crucial one. As a blogger (regardless of new or experienced one), you would need to choose either to start blogging either using a free blogging platform or having your own domain. If you are wondering which is best, I would suggest you to start blogging using free blogging websites such as Blogger, WordPress or Weebly to get a hang of it. If you have decided on having your own domain as your identity, you can always proceed with redirecting your traffic from your free blog to your new domain without much hassle.

6 Things To Do To Be Successful Blogger

2. Blogging topic or a writers niche

If you are planning to blog, what are the topics that you are going to write about? There is no terms and conditions for blogging and you can basically write anything under the sun. However, it is always a good habit to start with a specific niche. For new writers, you may always start with general writing and as you proceed with the blogging industry, perform some serious soul searching to find out what you really like.

3. Blogging style plays a vital role

As a blogger, you got to think out of the box. No readers including me would like to read articles which are written blindly. If you want to be a great blogger, start blogging com your heart! When you write with your heart, you will create a better article and this is proven!

4. Know your target market
This is easy and very straight forward. If you want to drive traffic to your blog or website, start marketing the right way. The core of marketing is the same everywhere; know your target market. When you are able to display your ‘products t the right market group, you are bound to get some good feedback and traffic from there.

5. Advertisement plays a huge factor
Choosing the right advertisement for your website is vital. If you ask me, always have less than 6 advertisements on one single page. Focus on the best one first and followed by the rest. You may also customize your ads accordingly to further boost your ads clicks revenue. Always make sure what you are doing before even thinking of modifying the codes given.

6. Traffic first followed by revenue
This is one of the biggest mistake done by many bloggers. They focus too much on ad revenue that they overlook traffic. If you want o to boost your earnings, always focus on traffic. The higher traffic you got will increase the chance of ads clicks. The rest is history and you get what I mean. Successful bloggers always focus on traffic and the rest will follow naturally.

The above are six things you should focus on as a blogger if you want to be a successful blogger. There is no easy way out when it comes to the blogging industry and thus, you should always be focused and prioritise to succeed as a blogger!

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