8 Tips for Writing Better Content

Tips For Writing Better


Writing is not for the faint-hearted, and though it might appear easy to do, it isn’t. There are moments when writers are clueless what to do next or start questioning their capability as a writer. Just like with other skills in life, writing also needs practice to perfect it. These eight writing tips will help you sharpen your writing, whether you aim to write informational content or persuade your audience.

8 Tips For Writing

1. Read Everything

Most of the writers get started as voracious readers – so you should probably spend a lot of time reading. Though, if you are focusing only on specific content, think about broadening your horizons. Seek exposure to a wide variety of styles, subjects, and forms which teach you new techniques and gives you inspiration and a fresh perspective.

2. Clear Concepts

According to Albert Einstein, “if you are unable to explain it to six-year-olds, you don’t understand it yourself.” Before starting, take a moment and explain your concept to a six-year-old who lives inside your head. Before making a dive into writing, develop a clear purpose and then stick to it.

3. Keep your Audience in Mind

Whatever creative piece you are writing, keep it clear and concise and try to avoid ambiguity. Among other writing tips, this one will help you influence your target audience. Use more descriptive and associative words, paired with images to communicate your message effectively.

4. Work on your Grammar

Writing professionally requires you to offer utmost care and keep certain things in mind.  It’s always best to use a more active voice rather than a passive voice while writing.  You also need to keep your writing clear, direct, and simple. Choose the right words and don’t just fill up pages. You should:

  • Fix the spelling mistakes
  • Use paragraphs to break your text
  • Use colon, semi-colons, apostrophes, and commas
  • Use strong words and be evocative
  • Correct grammar using online tools

5. Don’t Get Distracted

It is one of the most important writing tips you need to consider. A human brain takes almost 17 minutes to refocus on a task after a distraction. In case you lose your focus while in the middle of writing, it can damage the quality of your writing. For writing quality content, try to eliminate distractions. Put your phone on silent and disable all your notifications. 

  • Add subheadings to break your lines and bullet points to focus
  • Don’t add more than three short sentences in paragraphs
  • Keep a suitable font size

6. Change the Length of Sentences

Normally, you should use short sentences to emphasize ideas. Use long sentences when you are trying to clarify, describe, or demonstrate ideas. If all of the sentences in a paragraph are long, the reader might get bogged down. Try to aim for a natural flow to ensure that you do not lose your reader in the middle of a paragraph.

7. Actively Edit and Proof Read

Proofread your work again and again. Read what you have written so far and check for grammar, spelling, punctuations, and typos. Constant editing is specifically helpful, in case you have a habit of missing small words such as to, it, an, a, etc. After proofreading and making changes, make sure to proofread again to ensure that sentences are correctly written and make sense.

8. Build Your Platform

An author’s platform is a way to get your message and style out to potential followers. You also need to:

  • Develop a website
  • Write articles and publish them online
  • Engage with readers on social media platforms
  • Build an Email list


You certainly don’t need a degree to know how to improve your writing skills. Writing is just like a muscle – the more you work on it, the stronger it grows. So how do you develop your writing skills? Try using these simple tips for improving writing skills.

  • Look around for inspiration
  • Find your space – Where do you write best?
  • Read it out loud
  • Don’t over explain everything
  • Eliminate filler words and phrases
  • Unpack sentences

We hope you have found these writing tips useful and that they assist you to take your writing to new heights of excellence. Put whatever you have written aside. Wait for at least one day and then apply the writing tips above – and transform your writing into a creative piece of work.

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