Black Hat SEO And Common Black Hat SEO Techniques

What is Black Hat SEO?

If you are from the field of search engine optimization or web development; you might have heard the term “Black Hat SEO”. What it actually means? SEO done by people wearing a black hat! Well, it’s not.

It literally means the way of optimizing a site by deceiving the search engine. Generally, websites are rectified in such a way that search engines value them for that they actually not. Or simply the illegitimate way for optimizing a website. Eventually, such websites are penalized or blocked by search engines.

Why Black Hat SEO Is Such a Bad Strategy?

Black hat SEO is a bad strategy for your website and brand in many ways. This can lead to lower web rankings or even cause the site to totally vanish from search results. Since black hat SEO strategies are specifically against the search engine’s terms of service, the search engine may penalize and even block sites from appearing on their search results pages if they indulge in these tactics. The strategies and tactics used by SEO black hat practitioners have been widely criticized in the Google Webmaster Guidelines and the Bing Webmaster Guidelines.

This strategy provides (if any) short-term benefits. Since black hat techniques leverage the loopholes in search guidelines, the outcomes of the methods will vanish once the loophole is fixed. This happens constantly because search engines are always working for and repairing the loopholes users use to manipulate the game.

It creates a boring, irritating, or confusing experience for users. Often black hat techniques produce a negative user experience that can cause people to exit the site. This can make a brand look spammy and untrustworthy, too.

Common Black Hat SEO Techniques

These are some popular techniques that are termed as Black Hat activities:

1. Hidden Text

This technique includes adding texts and links that are readable by search engines but hidden from the users. It is typically used to put excessive keywords on a webpage which is then made hidden for the users but read by search engines.


It is a technique to display a different page to search engine spiders from the page that is displayed to the user. A totally different webpage is created for the search engines to bring that in higher SERP ranking and then redirect that page to the desired page that is shown to users.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO

3 · Link Farms

Search Engine Optimizers put the excessive amount of their website’s links on the irrelevant website (which literally known as link farms) for the sole purpose of manipulating the search engine rankings and the Google Page Rank.

Keyword Stuffing

The desired keywords are stuffed unnecessarily on the webpage and made them large and highlighted to get the ranking on those pages. A lot of websites employ this technique.

Buy Links

Buy links from the high page rank website confines in the black hat SEO.

Google Bowling

also known as reverse SEO, is a black hat SEO technique used to knock competitors down or out of search engine results. Efforts are made to linking out the competitor sites and outrank them from SERP rankings. The optimizers often link their competitor sites to the link farms, porn sites, etc to get them penalized.

Doorway Pages

Some unrelated webpages are spun over the internet with stuffing keywords and links to the offender’s website. It is used to increase the backlink count in order to improve the SERP rankings.

Deceptive Title/Headlines

The webpage titles are made different than the original content of the page, to bring the users from search engines or made users read the story.

Blog Spam

Spammers write a blog on the popular blogging websites like Blogger and WordPress on the niche topics and then by inserting the related keywords some links are placed.

10· Map spam

Same URLs are placed in the site map multiple times in order to crawl them frequently.

11·Automated Link Exchanges

Exchanging links in such a way that they increase automatically with the new contents. It is done by putting links on the regions of a site which is shown on every page of the site. While a new page is added on the website the links of the offender’s website is automatically added on that page. It generates a huge amount of backlinks for those websites.

Suggestion: If you want to gain long-term visibility of your search and build trust with your users, avoid the SEO black hat. Stick to SEO ‘s legal and transparent strategies only.

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