How to Login in WhatsApp Web Using Phone to Scan QR code

What Is WhatsApp Web?

The WhatsApp Web is basically a desktop or laptop version of the WhatsApp app. It enables users to make use of the WhatsApp platform from their Computer on the web after they have logged in to the site by scanning a barcode using their WhatsApp compatible phone.

WhatsApp Web allows you to send and receive WhatsApp messages online on your desktop PC or laptop. WhatsApp Web is the browser-based PC client of WhatsApp Messenger. This is not another account.

In this post, we will talk about how to use WhatsApp Web.

Many people have a question whether they can use Whatsapp in Laptop or Computer and if so; How?

That’s why friends today, we thought it necessary to write this post and to give you this information talk about how you can use WhatsApp in PC or Laptop, let’s know.

How to Log In WhatsApp Web or How to Use WhatsApp web?

Earlier, we used to have difficulty in using WhatsApp on a computer but with the help of whatsapp.web we are now able to use our mobile WhatsApp on our computer or laptop. It is super easy!

How to use WhatsApp Web on PC and Laptop?

Friends, WhatsApp is very easy to use on desktop. This simple guide will provide you the important information about how to use WhatsApp on your desktop using WhatsApp web. If you follow all the steps properly, you can very easily use WhatsApp on PC or Laptop. So let’s proceed:

1. Open WhatsApp

The first thing to do is to open WhatsApp’s on your smartphone.

If you have Android, then at the top right corner you’ll find options. Tap the Chats tab > More options > Three dots and then click on WhatsApp Web. Look at the image:

If you have iPhone tap Settings and then click on WhatsApp Web/Desktop.

Follow the instructions as:

Open Desktop Browser

Then, open your browser on desktop and in the address bar type You will get the QR code.

Scan The QR code On Your Desktop Browser at Using WhatsApp of Your Phone

Use your phone to scan the QR code on your computer or Portal.

The QR code screen on the desktop browser will be like this:

If you’re logged in to another device when trying to scan the QR code, you’ll have to tap:

If prompted, tap or select Done.

Note: Make sure after connecting your smartphone as well is connected to the internet and you can only be logged into one session at a time across WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop, and Portal.

Now, you can easily view all the chats and messages on the big screen after scanning the QR code

06 things you need to know For Using WhatsApp on the Web

Is it Safe?

The first thing that must be popping up in your mind is the question of whether it is safe to use WhatsApp web. Yes, it is secure.
To start using the WhatsApp web, you need to open a webpage on the browser ( and then use WhatsApp of your phone by scanning the QR code that appears on your screen. The QR code expires after a while and guarantees a single connection between the web client and the phone. To reconnect, you need to go through the process again.

Can anyone detect it?

Can it be detected whether you are using your WhatsApp on your phone or desktop? The answer is No. Whether you type a message from a phone or a web browser, everything stays the same. You still get the same double tick marks (for delivery) and they still turn blue (when your message is read by the recipient).

The web client is temporary

This simply means there’s nothing stored on the PC. You can view attachments, but they will only be usable later if you directly access them. The idea behind a web client is that you can use it without the need to switch devices while using a computer.

Can’t save on mobile data

The WhatsApp Web Client uses your phone to communicate and send messages – in a sense, everything is mirrored. Your web session will remain active as long as your phone has an internet connection. This also means that the data connection of your phone is constantly being used.

Attachments work both ways

You can still send attachments from your PC as long as they are photographs. You will see all attachments submitted by others. If you are equipped, you can also use your webcam to snap a q, quick picture and send it as an attachment. Vd eos have not yet been supported.

Are there any limitations?

Yes, there are limitations on using WhatsApp web. For example, on the web version, you can not delete or forward messages. You can’t build groups or exit existing groups, either. You’ll need to head to the app for full functionality.

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