How To Motivate And Drive Yourself To Be A Successful Blogger

How To Motivate And Drive Yourself To Be A Successful Blogger

Motivation Is Important

It is popular saying that one can take a horse to river but twenty can not make him to drink. It means that it is necessary to have thirst if you want to achieve something. Nothing is impossible if you sincerely crave for something.

The controller of your success is YOU!

Have you ever wonder what it really takes to motivate yourself to become a very successful blogger? It is always easier said than done if you ask me. This is a true story which I learned the hard way. I tried everything from performing backlinking, focus on SEO and even traffic building but I am not able to be a good blogger. I start thinking about what is wrong and I believe you will think the same as well. This is WRONG! What you need is motivation and the drive to make yourself a successful blogger. Well, sounds easy? Not really.

My motivation is always the one and only Darren Rowse. If you still don’t know who he is, he is the founder of the famous ProBlogger website. I always ask myself the same question over and over. What it really takes to be that successful like him? I wish I could be just like that in the future (I told myself). I read nearly everything on his website and I finally understood what it takes to become a very famous blogger.

1. Time is everything

If you want to be successful, then you need to spend time on this. Anyone can create a blog or website and there are thousands of them being created daily. Therefore, what I learned was to always focus on one website and start making it great. Be patience and in the blogging business, time is everything. The more time you spend on the ‘job’, the better the fruit of your labour is. Also remember that the older the website is, the better it gets rated on search engines.

2. Successful bloggers think out of the box

Forget about the school! Start creating fresh ideas and find ways to increase your readership. Sometimes, you really need to know what is need to pull or attract the reader to continue reading your materials. It is a fact that close to 32% of visitors will leave your website within less than 1 minute being there. Therefore, consider this as the 60 seconds to fame.

3. Write with your heart and not with your mouth

When you write, always have one (yes, only one) mission which is to write with your heart. In other words, always be truthful and understand why your readers are here on your website. You could be providing services or vital advises which could lead to much success or failure of another person. If you want to write good articles, write from your heart because you love it and not because you are forced to.

4. Be a reader yourself if you want to be successful

Every success story starts with a guide. Same goes to the blogging business. Most famous bloggers don’t start blogging and instantly get famous. What they did was they took the time reading and understanding the whole blogging concept in order to be successful in it. Therefore, if you want to be a successful blogger, start being a reader yourself. Not to forget, this will also give you an idea of what your readers are expecting from you and your websites.

5. The money factor

Okay, let’s face it guys. Money is a big and strong factor. Money can make people head turns and will definitely make your head turn as well. I myself experienced this before and I know the power of money honestly. Back in 2009 (if my mind didn’t play tricks on me), I was about to give up blogging as I am getting very less traffic daily. When I received an email from my affiliate program saying that a PayPal transfer was done to me (worth $50 for the record), that really made me writing like crazy! I remember that made me instantly turn on my laptop and within the hour, I managed to complete close to 3 full-length articles. So yes, make money generation a factor for you and you might well see yourself striving harder to be a successful blogger.

There are actually many ways to be motivated for blogging but at the end of the day, these are the 5 most important factors which drive my motivation on 5th gear daily. I love blogging and thus, I created this site with just one mission which is to help everyone who wants to earn money online and become a successful blogger.

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