How To Protect Your Computer or Laptop from Dangerous Viruses

Protecting Your Computer from Dangerous Viruses

A virus is a malicious program that can harm your system in number of ways. It can corrupt and delete the files, can pop up messages and can store tracking cookies in your system that track down your data and files. The worse thing in this regard is that these viruses are capable of reproducing and infecting one file to the other. In worse cases it can corrupt system files and may lead to hard disk failure and system crash proving its literal meaning – poison!

Viruses may take one of the many forms; all being harmful in one or the other way. A Trojan horse is a clandestine program that appears to be beneficial for your system but as a matter of fact do nothing good to it; instead harm it when you think these are benefiting you. A worm is also a type of virus that spreads from one program to the other and one system to the other.

Viruses are programmed in a way that makes these spread from one program to the other even if you have not opened the infected file. Following are the ways a virus can infect other files if present in your system:

Opening an infected file

Sharing the infected files through USB, discs or internet

Downloading harmful files from net

Downloading an attachment containing viruses

Booting using an infected disc

There are number of ways that can ensure safety of your system if used properly. Following are some of the cautions that can save you from all the annoyance and harm these viruses can cause to your system:

Install Anti-Virus Software:

Installing a good anti-virus program is an essential in this regard. Enable scanning features and schedule a regular scan of your system in order to get rid of all potential viruses in your system. Also keep updating the anti-virus software on regular basis in order to remove new viruses that keep hitting your systems. The issue is of more importance if you are using internet as viruses may attack your system in the form of spyware and adware.

Install Firewall:

Install a firewall; it will simply block all the harmful messages and programs except for those you open through your browser.

Block Pop-Ups:

Block all the pop-ups except for the sites you trust. You can change these settings in your browser properties.

Do not open Spam:

Do not open any mail from unknown source. Many of the viruses come from spam.

Scan before you download:

Scan all the attachments before you download them to your system.

Scan before you open:

Scan all the disc and USB you insert in the system before opening them.

Download from Trusted Sites:

Always download data only from the sites that you trust.

Have a Back-Up:

Back up all the important files; it will keep you from losing data even if the system gets infected.

Limit the Access:

When you log in with administrator account and access the net you are prone to a world of viruses as the administrator account is logged in with full access. To avoid this situation create a guest account and log in with that account. You can use any program in the administrator account while using guest account by right clicking the program holding the <shift> key. Now click on the option of run as… and then click on ‘choose administrative user permitted account’; enter password and access the program. It will keep many malicious programs from running to your system.

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