How To Write A Successful eBook From Scratch and Earn Money

In this article, you are going to understand what is needed to make the ultimate eBook and how you can easily boost your eBook sales without much effort.

How To Write A Successful eBook From Scratch

If you plan to work from home, have you consider about writing an eBook? Five years back, eBooks and those ‘e-series’ were actually getting very less debut but recently, these eBooks and ‘e-series’ are gaining popularity. This is why you can start working from home just by publishing eBooks to the public and you will definitely earn money slowly but surely. In this article, you are going to understand what is needed to make the ultimate eBook and how you can easily boost your eBook sales without much effort.

1. eBook are only popular if you have high quality content

Content is the king, content was a king and content will always be the king of all writings. If you want to create a killer eBook, always focus on the content. Personally, writing an eBook is easy but what makes it so challenging is the planning of content. You got to be very focused on what you actually want to write and what you want to convey to your readers. The rule of thumb here is the higher quality of your content, the better your eBook sales will be. Period.

2. Planning on what you want to write before anything else

Here, always plan in advance in order to create a good eBook. In some way, this is connected closely to the first point above. For instance, you should know how many topics you are going to write and the rough estimation of pages in the eBook. Simply by planning, your writing will look very organized and layout perfectly. I always believe that if you want to write a good eBook, you (above all) must have the full idea on how the eBook will come around and how you going to achieve that.

3. Knowing your target market

Let’s assume you have your topics and planning settled down. The next step in writing an eBook is to know your readers or in other words, your target market. Ask yourself a question; Who will be the reader of your eBook? If you are able to answer that, then you are able to plot your ‘layout plan’ such as how you are going to convince readers that you are writing good stuff in just the first 2 or 3 sentences. For many of us, I would say the first 50 words are the one which will make the reader to continue reading or to ditch the eBook. So, make sure you put in your best ideas and your killer sentences on the first few sentences of the eBook to ensure that your readers will continue reading.

4. Boost your readership by allowing snippets

If there is no readers for your eBook, then you would probably fail in that. Pretty true right? Therefore, what is your plan when it comes to increasing more readership? Always remember that the more readers you have, the higher the chance of success for your eBook and at the same time, earning you more money. One of the best method here is allowing snippets to all readers (or to limited viewers). You don’t have to show the whole first topic but you could easily provide a quick summary of the first paragraph for instance. Simply by doing this, you are actually encouraging readers to continue reading the rest of the eBook and the only way is to purchase it! Of course, you have to understand that you need to create a suspense moment in writing or words which will encourage potential readers to buy your eBook. The better your convincing skill is, the better the chance of making a sale and that is for sure.

How To Write A Successful eBook From Scratch

5. Share reviews with the public to increase publicity

It takes a lot to convince someone to buy your eBook and that is for sure. Therefore, you can easily boost your eBook sales by providing reviews you received. Review is a great way when it comes to boosting your sales and if you have many reviews, it shows that you have a good readership and your eBook is very popular. Another useful trick when it comes to get reviews from famous people or companies is by giving them a free copy for them to read during their free time. Whenever you provide them the free eBook, always remember to ask (politely!) for a simple review. Overtime, you will be able to collect enough reviews to increase your eBook ranking.

6. Promotion is vital when it comes to making a successful eBook

Writing a good eBook is one thing, promoting an eBook is another. This is where you to put on your thinking cap. When you promote, you are able to inform the world on the ‘existence’ of the eBook. When you advertise, it is very normal where you would not be able to convince a huge majority of viewers. However, you should not be demotivated as every advertisement you do, you are creating a word of mouth. Do you know that the strongest advertisement is actually word of mouth? It is free and extremely useful.

7. Make sure you are selling your eBook at the right place

If you ask me, I will always buy products from eBay and Amazon and I will avoid buying things from unknown websites. It is exactly the same with other readers and potential buyers. The moral of the story is easy. Boost your product sales by selling them using well-known portals. Well, the interest could be rather high but again, this is a long-term investment and you would probably get more returns as time passes by. Furthermore, many researches have been done and it is proven that people of all ages and nationality actually do not hesitate to buy products online when the products are sold on recognized sites.

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