Importance of Learning How to Build a Link to Draw Traffic to Your Website

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Importance of Learning How to Build a Link to Draw Traffic to Your Website

The idea of link building gives you the chance to make your website to increase exposure. The more links other webmaster link to you, the better chance your customers will find your site. This has become one of the quickest ways to get your web page seen by many. How to build a link to increase your site visibility has become very easy if you follow a few simple rules. Making sure that you take these steps will ensure the most readers will see your web page over and over again.

Be sure and use key words and phrases that when people search for those words your page will come up at the top of the list. You must have good and unique content with promotional campaigns. This means make sure your text on your page is written well and interesting. Make sure it promotes what you have to say with good appearance so that people want to have you linked to their page.

Submitting your page to advertising directories is cheap and also will get your link put out there for others to see. This is a popular way to go when hyper linking your page. When using reviews from other people always make sure that what they say is truthful and useful to your product or page. Get friends and family that have web pages to link your page. This is another quick way to get your information out there to the public.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this typeway advertising. It can be time consuming. How to build a link is not always easy. You also put all your trust into other people to get your website out there. When your link is on someone else’s page they are in control. You also have to make sure that the page your link is on is up to your standards. You do not want to be associated with a bad web page that is not good for business. Marketing is difficult enough without having to stress over other peoples content. Building web links can be extremely frustrating if you do not know how to do it. Submit your site for free today and start your website promotional campaign.

Search engine algorithms are updated all the time approximately 500 to 600 times a year.

Most of them are minor changes and some of them can improve or decline your site rankings overnight.

Did you know there are 200+ ranking factors that Google takes into consideration to rank a web page?

Yes, that’s true.

Out of those 200 ranking factors, backlinks remain the #1 ranking factor.

Search engines like Google give a lot of weightage to links.

Backlinko analyzed over one million Google search results and found that domain diversity has a substantial impact on rankings.

You need to build links from various sites to diversify your backlink profile!

If you want to get more traffic to your website, you need to build backlinks. It’s as simple as that.

Without links, you’re NOT going to get top rankings for most search terms. Even if you rank for a few keywords, if someone builds backlinks and creates content around those topics, you’ll see a decline in your rankings.

That’s why you need to put consistent efforts into link building.

In this lesson, we’ll talk about a few simple yet most effective ways to build links.

Write Guest Posts

One of the best ways to get started with link building is to find similar blogs in your niche and write guest posts for them.

Start with small sites first instead of going for authority sites. You need to build momentum and try to write at least one guest post a week when you’re getting started.

Write Testimonials For Others

This is a less-known strategy but works really well. Firstly, make a list of some emerging bloggers who are already displaying testimonials from their readers. Read and follow their blogs and tell them that you want to add a testimonial.

Most of them would gladly accept your offer (some of them provide links or some of them just add your name, it doesn’t matter!). Similarly, find a list of products including web hosting, email service, SEO tools etc that you use.

Then, approach them and offer testimonials.

I used the same strategy to get a backlink from Matthew Woodward’s blog.

Similarly, I wrote testimonials for other bloggers and product owners too (to build links and improve my authority).

So yes, it works like a charm. Give it a try!

So that’s it.

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