Important Factors That Determine Website Advertising Earnings

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Important Factors That Determine Website Advertising Earnings

One of the most asked questions is can we make money through Google Adsense or other advertising programs. The answer is yes, we can easily earn money through these advertisement programs on our websites. Earning money through website monetize is always possible but how much we actually earn a month?

No one could actually answer you that. It varies from website to website. I could easily earn $100 or more on my website if traffic is good. At the same time, it could be more as well. Even though choosing the right advertisement program could mean a lot, you would still need to do more than just choosing to earn money through your website.

What I am talking about is you should also know on factors that have a high effect on your earning. Again, you might be asking what the hell am I talking about. I am talking on other facts that might affect your website and earnings directly.


One of the factors is traffic. You got to learn how to attract traffic and how to get more of it! There is no fast rule in this honestly. The more traffic you get, the higher the chance to get advertisement clicks. Now, this is what that makes all the sense. Imagine if you have world-class advertisers showing up on your ad space but without traffic, you are not going to earn anything! Rule of thumb is to focus on traffic and revenue will follow.

Important Factors That Determine Website Advertising Earnings

Quality Content

In order to have high traffic, you got to have good content on your website. If you ask me, I would say I hate those blogs that are just spamming on advertisements only. Instead, if you are able to provide high-quality content to your visitors, I can guarantee that they will be back for more. For me, content is god. So, if you want to boost your site earning, start improving the content of your articles.

Ad Placement

Last but not least, don’t forget about the advertisement placement. Understand this: Not everyone will click every ad they see. Therefore, you got to learn an understand which is the hot spot in your article where your readers are clicking on the ads more than other pages. You may follow Google Adsense Hotspot guide but again, they are just guides which could go either way; working marvellously well for you or earn you none.

Keyword Selection

Also, keyword selection is considered one of the main factors that determines your site ‘s earnings. Some keywords have a high CPC rate while some keywords have a CPC rate that is near zero or very low. Imagine you’ve got a huge volume of traffic on some keywords of your site but the keywords have zero or $.01 CPC limit, what do you get at the end of the day? You ‘re not earning much, just a very small penny. However, if you have low traffic on a certain keyword of the site but the keyword has a high CPC rate saying $2 or more, your earning will be comparatively good at the low traffic. That makes the argument that you can work high CPC-rate keyboards and then write a qualitative article on the keywords. There are plenty of good online resources that you can use to figure out the right keywords.


Above all, location, I think, is the most important factor that determines the earning of your site. The rich countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore etc. give a high CPC rate on the same keywords while the developing or underdeveloped countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. give a very low CPC. I’ve observed that even on the same keyword, the US gives more than 100 per cent better CPC than India. This means you should write the content on keywords which have high search volume in the rich countries.

In short, there are many ways one can increase their site’s earning. However, we are easily ‘blinded’ simply because we want to earn more money through our ads. Indirectly, we are forgetting the most important thing of all which is the basis of earning money with advertisements.

There are actually many ways one can earn money online from blogging

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