Pool Enclosure and Advantages of Installing a Pool Enclosure for Your Home

Advantages of Installing a Pool Enclosure for Your Home

Having a pool is more than just letting water sit in the back yard for you to jump in as you please. It requires maintenance to keep the water clean, disinfected and at a constant level. A heating system may also be required to extend swimming hours. This requires energy, which has a price tag involved. Thus, any way to conserve energy will also conserve the money in your pocket. The energy used by the heating and maintenance of your pool can be significantly reduced with a pool enclosure.

1. Limits Evaporation

Evaporation is the largest source of energy loss for a pool. Throughout the day, a typical pool may lose up to 78 gallons of water. The more the pool is exposed to sun and wind, the more water it will lose. As water is lost, so too is the corresponding heat and chemicals, such as chlorine, that was in that water. A windbreak will decrease the amount of evaporation per day, but it will also shade the pool. Having an enclosure will limit this evaporation by up to 70 % whilst still letting the sun in.

2. Regulates Water Temperature

A pool enclosure won’t just stop heat from leaving, it will also heat up the pool by trapping the heat of sun inside the enclosure during the day. Water temperature can rise naturally up to 3 degrees warmer inside an enclosure. The enclosure will keep whatever heat is in the pool for a longer time. This will increase swimming hours during the day, as well as helping to reduce energy output.

Pool Enclosure For Home

3. Makes it Easy to Clean and Maintain

The pool filtration system works hard to keep a pool clean. By having an enclosure around a pool, up to 90 % of debris, dirt and insects are kept from entering the pool. This will prevent drains from clogging so that it is not as taxing on the pool filtration system. Additionally, the system does not have to be run as often to keep a pool clean and maintained.

4. Adds Some Shade and Protection

A pool enclosure will isolate the pool from the external environment. The area enclosed may be simply the pool itself, or the pool with pool deck. They keep the pool area safer, more energy-efficient and cleaner than a pool area without an enclosure. They may be screened, fixed, wall-mounted or retractable, with a variety of roof designs. Often, they are made from polycarbonate sheet and extruded aluminium, which makes them mostly transparent.

There are a number of benefits to having a pool enclosure, the biggest benefit being its significant energy efficiency, which in turn reduces typical maintenance and heating costs. By decreasing evaporation and keeping the pool much clearer than without an enclosure, installing a pool enclosure is definitely the way to go.

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