Proven Guide: How To Boost Or Improve the Page Rank of your Website

How To Boost the Page Rank of your Website

This post is going to be very useful for you. Growing the page rank of website is not everybody’s cup of tea. It needs the appropriate knowledge and skills. Read this article and use the superb tips that you learn here to grow the rank of your website.

Once you are through with the creation of your web site, the main concern now will be to stimulate traffic and add more visitors to your website to achieve a high page rank. One of the most important elements of online business success is a website’s ranking with the search engines. Overall importance of a website can be estimated through its page rank. SEO is definitely the finest approach to achieve a high page rank. Below are certain important factors that can boost the page rank of your web site.

Quality content

Content is the first and formost thing that matters for search engines to rank your website or blog. This automatically increases your site’s popularity and rank as quality unique content is much valued by search engines and readers alike.Your visitors return to your site frequently because it serves the purpose for they visit the site.

Give an effective title to your site

Title should be short as well as descriptive, including a few important keywords. Though short, title should be able to explain as to what exactly your site has to offer. If the title is attractive enough, it will definitely grab clicks from the users. Title should be moderately rich in keywords, using fewer filler words.

Write a descriptive Meta tag

The description should give complete and a clear idea as to how this site can be beneficial to the user. Meta tags must include the keywords on the page, but one has to be cautious of overcrowding keywords.

Using keywords in headers (H1, H2, H3): Make sure that your desired keywords appear in one or two header tags as search engines consider keywords that appear on the page headlines and subheads to be important on that page.

Keywords in the first paragraph

Locating the keywords at the beginning of a composition as compared with the rest of the body helps it to get accounted for by the search engines faster.

Search engines read only texts and not images

Use meaningful and short Alt text to describe your image. Image linking, image title and clear file names add up to visibility of the page. Do not forget to hyperlink your keywords.

Navigation system should be search engine friendly

Regular HTML links at the bottom of the page, supplement Javascript and Flash menus ensure proper hyperlinking to take a search engine spider to every page of your website from your home page.

Site map creation

A Site map lists all your pages in a single page layout so that visitors and search bots have an easy idea about all your pages, thus increasing your page rank. This you have to submit in various search engines called as search engine submissions.

Promoting local business on the internet: Aim should be to inform maximum people about your site and its products. So advertise on each page of the website your business address, phone number etc. to get noticed by users.

Optimize video, audio content

As search engines like Google display, not only the webpage content but also videos and audio clips in search results, including them in your website can help boost overall web ranking.

Linking Strategies

Inbound links from popular and top listed sites raise your web site’s rank. Page rank determines quality and quantity of incoming links.

Directory Submission

Directory submission is an important tool of SEO to boost up the page rank. Manual directory submission creates one-way link to your website, thereby increasing the flow of traffic towards your site in order to gain a good rank. It is a good optimization strategy to submit your site to specialized directories by utilizing directory submission service. Also, the article submission service gives backlinks to your website.

Site Speed

Next, checking site speed is critical, since this is a major factor in Google’s ranking.

If your site is sluggish, there is little chance you will get a high search ranking. It’ll also impact the ability to attract and sell new customers.

Walmart encountered a dramatic decrease in conversions, as its page load time rose from one to four seconds, as per WebPerformanceToday.

When this happens, it doesn’t matter what the SEO, meta descriptions or title tags on your website are. Even if you’re a giant like Walmart, the search algorithm would punish you.

That’s why running your own site speed test is critical to find out how to boost rankings at Google. There are hundreds of resources that can help make this possible. Some of my favourites are:
YSlow browser extension
WebPage Test
Google PageSpeed Insights
Pingdom Website Speed Test

Browser Caching

Once a page is loaded by a web browser it loads a variety of tools. Web caching stores certain resource files on the computer of the users locally. So when a user navigates to a new tab, it is not appropriate to load those resources again.

The easiest way to allow browser caching for most sites is by adding code to the website host/server .htaccess file.

To achieve this there are plugins available for WordPress.

Issue new releases

Regular press releases about your business and industry improve traffic as your site covers the latest news and catches viewer attention.

The general optimization list is endless. Linked with other functions like article writing and marketing, forum posting, social bookmarking etc. together with all the above factors, one can expect guaranteed returns in terms of good page rank.


As Google continues to shut the door on spammy tactics and schemes, everyone who takes digital marketing seriously needs to take a long and careful look.

The above methods aren’t sexy, or unique. Nonetheless, they need effort and continual resource commitment.

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