Three Essential Actions To Get Indexed By Search Engines Quickly

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Three Essential Actions To Get Indexed By Search Engines Quickly

It doesn’t matter if you are starting a website or blog from scratch. The rule of thumb is if you don’t get indexed by search engines, your site is not going to show up on Google, Yahoo or Bing any time soon. I bet most of you has actually searched ‘how to get indexed by Google’ or something similar. I can tell you, just forget those and stick to this article. Well, I am going to tell you how you can get indexed by Google and other search engines quickly without much work (while not forgetting effectively).

Google Webmaster Tool

I know many of you (webmasters) are actually using Google Webmaster Tool for your website. However, are you using it to the fullest? For those who have no idea what this is all about, let me have the honour to explain to you in plain English. Google Webmaster Tool is a free service provided by Google (isn’t that obvious, duh!) for all bloggers and webmasters around the world. This tool works in great ways which can increase your traffic, improve search result ranking and many more.

Three Essential Actions To Get Indexed By Search Engines Quickly

When it comes to indexing, Google Webmaster Tool plays a huge role regardless if you like it or not. Now, understand this: It could take months before Google and other search engines to realized your website existence and start indexing. Therefore, in order to speed up the indexing time, you can use the free tool provided by Google. All you have to do are:

Register yourself and then your website.

Verify that your website is legit.

Now, you have to submit your ‘Sitemaps’.

This will help you to get your website indexed faster than usual. In another words, you are telling Google that “Hey, I am new here and start indexing me now!”. Fine, you got the point of view. Trust me, if you are able to submit your sitemap and GoogleBot’s information, get ready to be indexed in less than 5 days.

Giving you a very good example. I been using Google Webmaster Tool for sometime and I know the drill. When I started TEHOG, I was ready to submit everything and when I was about the press the ‘Send’ button, Google fetch bot was down and I was not able to request for a quick indexing. Well, I send a sitemap and got myself indexed within 3 days.

Three Essential Actions To Get Indexed By Search Engines Quickly

Effective backlink methods

Okay, let’s say you are pretty tired and lazy to do any registering at Google Webmaster Tool. Another way to get indexed by searched engine faster is always getting good backlinks. By saying this, I mean backlinks from sites with PR 2 and above. Well, I am going to be very honest and I have quick a few blogs which are having Page Rank of 2 and above. Therefore, what I did was create a few posts daily and perform some quality backlinks back to my new-born website, TEHOG. Therefore, one of the indirect ways to get indexed by search engines quickly is simply backlink from a site which gets a lot of those indexing bots. Get the point?


Keep ping-ing your website

Oh yes! This is what I love most. The more you ping your website, the higher than chance of getting your website to get indexed by search engines. Okay, if you are lost, here is a quick note for your understanding. Ping your website means that you are telling search engines that you have a ‘live’ website and they can start crawling on your website for some indexing. However, you have to understand that there are hundreds and thousands of websites created daily. Therefore in order for you to get in front of the queue, always ping your website to inform search engines that your website is valid and is already running.

I hope this simple guide will help you get yourself indexed faster by search engine and wishing you all the best when it comes to page rank.

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