Wi-Fi And WiMax Technology And What Is The Difference between Wi-Fi And Bluetooth

Wi-Fi is the means of getting a hold of the internet by identifying the available wireless equipment within the IEEE 802.11 requirement and counting several standards of wireless such as 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g. Wi-Fi is a tool specifically made for the electronics that use a little amount of electricity like mobiles.

Wi-Fi Technology

From Hi-Fi to Wi-Fi, as promoted by the Wi-Fi Alliance, Wi-Fi is the means of getting a hold of the internet by identifying the available wireless equipment within the IEEE 802.11 requirement and counting several standards of wireless such as 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g. Wi-Fi is a tool specifically made for the electronics that use a little amount of electricity like mobiles. Personal Digital Assistants, notebooks/netbooks and a variety of accessories are intended to be compatible with Wi-Fi-. These days, we have mobiles that will have the capability of exchanging data from cellular networks to Wi-Fi networks during a phone conversation.

Wi-Fi Technology

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Any site in which 802.11 (wireless) equipments is accessible for internet users is considered as a Wi-Fi hotspot. The use of wireless can either be unsecured (free) or password secured (chargeable and requires permission from the main owner). Laptop owners are the main users of Wi-Fi technology and some locations like airports, coffee shops, and so on, usually provide free internet access as part of their strategy to attract more customers whose purpose is for business or social networking.

Wi-Fi internet access can be possible when your PC is PDA enabled or has Wi-Fi capability. If this not the case, then you need to have a device that connects the PC card slot or USB port with wireless to add internet connectivity.

For Wi-Fi access, you must have an internet connection from your local internet service provider. These Providers usually give guidelines every time the computer is trying to access the internet using Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you can start using the Wi-Fi by ensuring that you have Wi-Fi inserted Wi-Fi card in your computer slot to start enjoying Wi-Fi access anywhere you like in limited range.

Is Wi-Fi the same as Bluetooth?

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth both have a lot of difference however Wi-Fi is much better in its functionality and features. Both these devices run under a different set of standards. Wi-Fi runs under 802.11 standards while Bluetooth runs under the IEEE standards 802.15.1. This indicates that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not interchangeable nor can work together. In addition to that, Wi-Fi technology has a better speed in terms of uploading and downloading that make it a superior substitute for Ethernet (802.3) systems. Bluetooth, on the other hand, does not need high electricity making it suitable for diminutive machines like PDAs.

What’s happening in a Wi-Fi network?

The computer can only access Wi-Fi using network cards. There is also a need of wireless router which is connected to the Internet by means of a modulator-demodulator which usually comes in a cable or Digital Subscriber Line modulator. A distance of 200 feet or within 61 meters range allows the user to access the internet but for better connectivity, distances of 100 feet or within 30.5 meters or less are advisable. Wireless signal boosters sold in retail stores also help in expanding the wireless network coverage.

When it comes to communication, radio is the means used by Wi-Fi technology which is basically running at a frequency of 2.4GHz. Machines run by electricity and “Wi-Fi Certified” are sure to work interchangeably no matter what the trade name is.

WiMax Technology

WiMax is a protocol used in mobile-Internet. This Protocol helps telecommunication fields to enable the use of the Internet in a wireless and a mobile environment. Anyone can easily access the internet from anywhere. Internet access has different stages like dial-up Internet and broadband Internet. The latest stage of the all is the WiFi access or else the “wireless access”.

WiMax is known as the pioneer of the mobile environment internet access. “WiMax” has reduced the negative effects of the codeless Internet. The most common adverse effect of the wireless network is the violation of the speed of the connection. It is considered as a major problem for the decrease of the WiFi in the Internet community. WiMax gives you the guarantee of high speed which the other modes like broadband and cable Internet claim to offer. Anyone can use this facility as they only need to subscribe with a local “WiMax” provider to achieve this facility. Those providers will give the necessary equipment to enjoy the “WiMax” network environment.

With WiMax the user can access to anything in the universe of the internet from anywhere in the world. The only thing user has to do is to connect with the WiMax network. You can enable the WiMax facility to your PSP or to your phones or any kind of a portable device. Simply the Users can enjoy WiMax facility from any device that could access the network. Using a WiMax modem user can access the network from any kind of a stable device.

WiMax service providers could find anywhere in the globe. WiMax reduces the problems that arose in WiFi technology. That is why the WiMax has named as the pioneer in the mobile telecommunication industry and because of this reason every telecommunication agency tends to move towards the WiMax Network because it gives them a guarantee of their customer’s satisfaction. The only problem is that people sometimes find trouble in getting a good WiMax expert in your nearby area.

Wide Range of Internet accessibility is not a problem with WiMax. Because of that, any user can easily access the internet hot spots from anywhere. No WiMax user is able to chase these internet hotspots though they are transmitted far away stations. Anyone can use the internet simultaneously without having problems with it.

WiMax is one of the cheapest Mobile Internet access methods available in the world. The reason is that maintenance cost is much lower than any other internet technologies. Because of this, the users can enjoy the WiMax facility for a lesser price than the other methods available. Internet is cheaper and affordable for every type of business or home users these days.

The successor of the “3G” technology is “4G”, and the driving force behind the “4G” technology is the WiMax. “4G” technology offers a built-in GPS system for mobile devices to get access.

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